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Related spam subjects? "I broke brakes!" and "Cars smashed fantastically" Actually the second one is kind of intriguing.

Spam subject: "Boost your mastery of love" - You Have Leveled Up!

Spam subject: "It's yours. No questions asked." - Well, I've got a question: What *is* it?

Blog comment spam: ":O So mush Data :O ... This is he MOst Amazing Website DUDe..." Hey, Data, look! I'm crushing your head!

Spam subject: "interim bunnies curvier" - So what makes interim bunnies curvier than the regular ones?

Spam subject: "I can't believe they picked you" - Thanks *so* much for the vote of confidence.

Spam subject: "Set lovemaking mode on" - Wow, those reboot phasers really *do* have more settings than classic Star Trek.

Spam quote: "brunette beautys lungs" - Huh. I guess Rule 34 really does apply to everything.

Spam subject: "Grow Giant Snake in Pants" Someone didn't read the Evil Overlord List. Turning into a giant snake never helps.

Spam subject: "Top tips on staying relevant in your job" from "Free Viagra & Cialis" - Sorry, I don't work in that field.

Spam subject "Wife Cheats on Hubby" with preview "Jolene takes on Crimson Ninja." - So, is this martial arts or marital arts?

Spam subject: "‏U r welcome u r awesome" - Sorry, flattery will get you nowhere.

Spam subject: "Be her CEO in lovemaking." Please step away from the thesaurus.

Spam subject: "Joyous drug store with meds at cut rates" Not sure what's funnier: the idea of a “joyous drug store” (what makes the store so happy?) or the fact that the message claimed to be from the IRS.

Spam subject: "She will surely pounce on you" - This is why you never get between a mountain lion and her cubs.

Spam subject: "Become a sex magnet in your neighborhood" - I don't think Mr. Rogers would approve of that.

I keep reading the phish for "Ally Bank" as if it was someone's name. "Hi, I'm Alison Bank, but you can call me Ally."

Spam subject: "Your heart tells you to buy this cheap fine watch." You know how they say listen to your heart? They're wrong.

Spam subject: "A blood sugar test tells you how much sugar is in your blood" - No, really? I never would have guessed!

Spam subject: "Surprise your employees when you sign papers with such brand name pen." Does anyone REALLY think their employees will notice?

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