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Why am I getting spam from furniture? And no, that's not a typo. I've got comments posted by "Recliner" "Folding table" and "Hickory chair."

Spam subject: "Extra cms of enjoyment" - Drupal, ExpressionEngine, Movable Type, Joomla!

Spam subject: "interim bunnies curvier" - So what makes interim bunnies curvier than the regular ones?

Odd compound words in these spam subjects: "The World Most Effective PenisLonger Pill..." & "is your girl feel down with your shorterPenis..."

Spam quote: "I am a Russian girl with blonde or America?" I think she some words out.

Odd spam subject: "Help Alice lose virginity" - Whose, and how much of it?

Pair of spam subjects: "Gone for meal?" and "Just arrived :)"

Spam subject: "It has never been easier to pick up women." Yeah, that anti-gravity device is a big help!

Spam subject: "With a giant instrument you have more chance to pick up women." - It's a crane, right?

Spam subject: "This will prepare you for action all night long" - NoDoze and Red Bull. Oh, yeah!

Spam comparing "Keto vs. low car" - um, I suppose you could just get bigger tires?

Spam subject: "But here you are, and I'm ready to unveil to you" - from "Khaleesi."

This spam subject would work just as well for a mattress store: "Produce a dream performance in bed"

Spam quote: "He enjoyed immense popularity until his resignation in 1877." Um...who?

Pair of spam subjects: "Let's go and drink beer!" and "In alphabetical order" Amstel, Busch, Coors...

Spam subject: "Hello I Need Your Help Urgently Please??" - If it's that urgent, shouldn't you be more certain?

Spam subject: "Get the best bang every night." - Try living near Disneyland. Nightly fireworks at 9:30.

Spam subject: "Desired windows parking" - Cheaper than the desired Mac parking, but has a greater risk of crashes.

Spam subject: "The Life changing experience Accai Berry" - You see, they *used* to be able to *spell!*

Ironic spam subject: "LEGIT PROPOSAL" - Oh, yeah, NOW I'm convinced!

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