Spam subject: "Make your body real TNT, exploding near girls with passion and desire." - Sounds messy. And painful.

Spam subject "Wife Cheats on Hubby" with preview "Jolene takes on Crimson Ninja." - So, is this martial arts or marital arts?

Spam subject: "Your favorite ardor hoister!"

Spam subject: "some jerk has posted your pictures" - Actually not a bad bit of social engineering, there.

"atoms and particles make u wonder" - are they particles, or waves? TOO MANY CHOICES!

Spam subject: "Socially awkward? Read!" Yes, many people who are socially awkward do take that approach.

Spam subject: "Personal abuse 81% Off" - For those who are tired of impersonal abuse, I suppose.

Spam subject: "Get new windows for energy efficiency" - I'm not convinced, but if they're still running Vista...

Spam subject: "Scam Alert: You Have Been Scammed !!" - Not surprisingly, the message itself was a scam.

Spam subject: "Booze, babes and more" - Don't tell me BevMo bought Hustler...

Spam subject: "Become a sex magnet in your neighborhood" - I don't think Mr. Rogers would approve of that.

Spam subject: "being happy is about being happy" ... thank you so much for gracing us with this pearl of wisdom. :-P

Spam subject: "Share the microscopic world with your child" - It took a while, but Hank finally let Hope use the suit!

Spam subject: "Give Me Health Care, Or Give Me Death!" - Wow...spam from the ER waiting room. Now THAT's dedication.

Spam quote: "Get heavy night gun" - And yes, it's a euphemism.

Spam subject: "Hello I Need Your Help Urgently Please??" - If it's that urgent, shouldn't you be more certain?

Lonely spammer: "Take me with you!" No, thank you!

After looking through dozens of spams for body-part enhancements, "Resilient to Extreme heat and Cold temps" just sounds wrong.

Comment spam from "wow fish that sell good"

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