Spam subject: "MOVING SEX MACHINE" - Wait, so they *are* moving furniture around up there? I'm so confused!

Spam subject: "Put a titanic movie projector in your basement" - Can I use it to watch other movies too?

Spam subject: "Turn your hose into a power washer" - Believe it or not, it really is about hose attachments.

Spam quote: "Give your girl extra heat take "V'gra" before you jump to bed with her." Wasn't that in the first Star Trek Movie?

Spam subject: "This 3D puzzle actually comes to life after you finish it" - I think I've seen some movies like that...

Spam subject: "Terrible internet madness" - There are those who call it...TIM.

Spam subject: "Click away from a new life" - Don't you mean TO a new life?

Spam subject: "Viagra will turn you into 21 again" - 21 what?

Spam subject: "Amaze her with your toy" - Hey, babe, check out my new collector's edition Unicron! Yeah, that'll work.

Spam subject: "Enough weenie's limpness" - Next time, get Ballpark.

Spam subject: "Are You Ready for Halloween? It's Just a Few Months Away." - in August. Reminds me of this Sarah's Scribbles comic:

Spam subject: "Stop connecting through me" - Sounds like one of those passive-aggressive wifi hotspot names.

"After childhood an risk of taxing, the seafloor grew tough." Um...sure.

Spam subject: "Girls at $200 a pop" - If the sodas are that expensive, maybe you should take the girls to a cheaper restaurant.

I keep reading the phish for "Ally Bank" as if it was someone's name. "Hi, I'm Alison Bank, but you can call me Ally."

Spam subject: "Early the suspected crime, was the position of the poo" - No thanks, I REALLY don't want to know!

Spam subject: "I AM NOW AT JFK AIRPORT !!!!" - on an "inheritance/lottery" scam. (Yes, it listed both!)

Spam subject: "Make your love torpedo drive all the way to her tanker."

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