Blogspam: "Hey may I notation some of the communication from this blog if I association fail to you?" - Please step away from the thesaurus.

But is a "hipnose" a nose that's attached to your hip, a nose that looks like a hip, or a nose for the tragically hip?

Spam subject: "The giant rose from my boxers" - Ouch. I think that's the *last* place I'd want to keep roses.

Spam subject: "F this man" - I'd rather not, thanks.

Spam subject: "The magic of Viagra" - on stage seven nights a week, plus weekend matinees.

Spam subject: "For having manhood cliffy-stiffy"

Nice try, Mr. Bad Credit Contract Phones...if that's really your name.

This spammer knows how to entice me: "It sounds silly, but read"

Spam subject: "Please, no jokes" Whoops! Sorry about that! Hope you don't mind.

Spam subject: "Replacing your windows could save you money" - especially if you replace it with Linux.

Spam subject: "I can't believe they picked you" - Thanks *so* much for the vote of confidence.

Comment spam from "wow fish that sell good"

Spam first line: "Attention: Attention: Attention," - Sorry, did you say something?

Bizarre spam quote: "Catch rapturous girls' looks on your zipper protuberance."

Spam subject: "Vote for insanity! acetochloral" Uh...sure. I'll keep that in mind.

Attempted comment spam: "you'd think spam blockers could actually help block garbage comments" Funny thing, though: they did.

Spam subject: "Girls at $200 a pop" - If the sodas are that expensive, maybe you should take the girls to a cheaper restaurant.

Spam subject: "[Alert] Your credit report has changed" - Sneaky bastards.

Spam subject: "SORRY FOR INFRINGING ON YOUR PRIVACY!!!!" - The list of possible groups for the punchline is just too long...

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