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Back in the day, I collected funny spam subjects and posted them on birdsite, sometimes adding my own jokes. I've decided to pick it up again here on the Fediverse, starting with the old archive & adding new items as I see them.

Spam subject: "Use your carrot better." Sounds like they're targeting Bugs Bunny.

Bogus Better Business Bureau bulletins would work better if sent to an actual business address.

Odd spam subject: "Supermodels after cocaine" - I guess everyone has to sort out their priorities.

Spam subject: "Aliens spotted" - Odd, I thought they were striped.

Spam subject: "Pleasure dispensing machine" Is it big, bright and green?

Spam subject: "Scam Alert: You Have Been Scammed !!" - Not surprisingly, the message itself was a scam.

Spam quote: "Runcible Cat with crimson whiskers"

Spam subject: "Resurrect your desire!" w/ preview: "Be the arousal generator" - It had better not be gas-powered.

Spam subject: "big deep delivery is what girls dream of" - There's a pizza joke in here somewhere.

Confusing spam subject: "Take me gently caressing my bunny!" ... bunny? I'm not sure I want to know.

Spam subject: "Spur your purple-headed one!"

Spam subject: "Attention My Dear Email Id Owner" - I love it when businesses put in the effort for that personal touch.

"Contact Mr Koffee Now" - I think more coffee is a great idea! Thank you, 419 spammer!

Ironic spam subject: "LEGIT PROPOSAL" - Oh, yeah, NOW I'm convinced!

Spam subject: "you are beautiful, because we care" - Are you saying that if you didn't care, I wouldn't be beautiful?

Spam subject: "Jackson's back from Heaven" - Did he meet Elvis while he was there?

Spam subject: "Your sacred dreams will come true with the great Swiss accessories." - Seriously...sacred dreams? Of a watch?

Spam subject: "Never run out of power again" - Believe it or not, it was about solar panels.

Spam subject: "This Is My Third And Final Email To You!!" Oh, good. That really is a relief!

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