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Back in the day, I collected funny spam subjects and posted them on birdsite, sometimes adding my own jokes. I've decided to pick it up again here on the Fediverse, starting with the old archive & adding new items as I see them.

Spam subject: "My heart is broken, please help." Wow. If you're emailing random strangers on the internet, it *must* be bad.

Spam subject: "Your kid has never played minecraft on a screen this big" - Please tell me this is the place Frank bought his 2000" TV from!

Spam subject: "I can do for you is - what can not no girl!" - Um...huh?

Spam Subject: "Infection attacks! Fight back!" Too late to roll for initiative, I guess.

Spam subject: "She will surely pounce on you" - This is why you never get between a mountain lion and her cubs.

Spam subject: "New feature I have" - It had better not be a paper clip.

Spam subject: "Your health means a lot to us! and we want you to buy best quality, most trusted medications!" I'd better look elsewhere,then

The spammers think they're poets now: "Getting sassy is easy when your watch is classy."

Truth in spam: "Just another pointless mail"

Blogspam: "1863031 beers on the wall." That's going to take a loooong time to sing.

Spam subjects at cross purposes: "Let your volcano erupt!" and "Prevent premature eruptions!"

Spam subject: "Raise your carnal ambitions" - Bring an entire side of beef to your barbecue!

Gee, that's believable: "What's up, I read your blos namesd "%title%"daily. your story-telling style is witty, keep doin wht you're doing!"

Email from "Viagra Promo" has been labeled in the subject as "[possible spam]" - Possible? What would it take to convince them?

Spam subject: "Tale Amazing arial photos with your next drone" - I'd prefer Consolas or Calibri, but as long as it doesn't take Comic Sans photos, that should be fine.

Spam subject: "LET_FORMAT_ERROR" - Awww, someone didn't configure their spambot properly!

Spam subject: "Add peculiarity to your style with our watches." Huh. That's a strange sales pitch.

Spam subject: "aeroneurosis acroparesthesia adroitnesses accountability aglow" - Always amazed at annoying ad alliteration.

Strange trend in comment spam: famous literary quotes linked to body-part enlargement offers.

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