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Kerlossal @Kerlossal

Eighteen Thousand Kilograms of Basic Dye below Yalta

Seku Blodgett Carves Monotone Psychological Tweets from Wax Begonias

Nineteen Hundred Anamorphic Polaroids in an Indonesian Lauric Acid Store by Ruthvik Mormino

Jamie Curren Carves Magnificent Earrings out of Flutists

Outré Outfits by a Mozambican Herdsman

Jasna Matus Improves Pointed Modernist Sculptures With Heartlands

Thirteen Thousand Black-and-white Linocuts in a Latvian Golden Fleece Works by Ināra Asadov

Aware Musical Instruments by Azucena Šimánek

A Seychellois Woodsman Generates Realist Oil Paintings from Horizontal Sections

Shakib Pankey Constructs Disco Woodcuts from Cold Chisels

Hemin Melo Decorates Steampunk Brooches With Airs

Five Thousand Encouraging Magical Realist Woodcuts by Domenik Uchtenhagen

A German Lumberjack Turns Selectmen into Retro 3D Models Juxtaposing Gores With Giant Petrels

Seven Thousand Linocuts by a Burmese Shepherd

Canute Simões Transforms Reissues into Moody Soviet Realist Graphic Novels

Seven Hundred Yards of Propanal below Ereğli by a Guinean Thaumaturge

An Orchestra Teetering above Seropédica by Shana Baldrige

Futuristic Fascist Lingerie by Philip Shamov

A Dinner Theater Resembling a Tabor Pipe in Mansfield

A Mauritian Artisan Carves Antibaryons into Superdeformed Watercolours