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Kerlossal @Kerlossal

Four Hundred Kilometers of Glycerinated Gelatin Spanning Vacaville by Hamdiyah Betanzos

Priska McGeown Composes Chantries into Unsettling Scientific Effigies

A Guyanese Seamstress Crafts Mulches into Transcendentalist Glasses

Goth Postcards by a Chilean Necromancer

Kannada-speaking "Automobile Factory" Films by an Uruguayan Troubador

A Ghanaian Clown Uses Eighteen Hundred Photographs to Redesign a Bahraini Windmill into a Provocative Forest

Memorable Glasses by an Indian Infant

Enchanting Slow-motion Animations by Bohumil Feijóo

Unsettling Dub Topiary Crossing Radio Chasses With Novilladas by Celinda Harasawa

Environmentalist Silhouettes Jamming All-rounders and Stockpots by a Finnish Programmer

Krista Amosov Surrounds a Qatari Mountain Snowy With Ephemeral Postcards

A Lebanese Flâneur Drapes a Quarantined Bitter Forge With Feminist Cairns

Nine Thousand Procedurally-generated Holograms in a Romantic Jungle by a Swedish Stranger

Antone Ornelas Uses Hypnotic Videos Transposing Ventriloquists and Manakins to Transform a Corroded Reactant Works

Annabella Clemens Uses Seven Hundred Kilometers of Bowstring Hemp to Change a Panamanian Raft into a Constrained Pool

Karolina Altner Uses Magnesite to Transform an Abysmal Viaduct

Two Hundred Feet of Hexanedioic Acid on the Outskirts of Kostanay

An Eritrean Entrepreneuse Uses Nine Thousand Tonnes of Atorvastatin to Transform a Rented Islet

A Lunchroom in the Shape of a Tarahumara in Orange

A Bahamian Tribesman Decks a Hotel Room With Kinky Engaged Collages Mixing Northern Baptists and Longheaded Thimbleweeds