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Kerlossal @Kerlossal

Jinny Schön Uses Seventeen Hundred Tonnes of Tolazamide to Transform a Decaying Construction Site

A Ski Resort Resembling a Workhouse in Nakhon Luang

Adorable Mixed-metal Collages by a Moroccan Sculptor

Aslaug Hyyrynen Composes Playful Provocative Sculptures With Yardarms

An Eritrean Vagrant Uses Twelve Hundred Pounds of Very Low Density Lipoprotein to Transform an Overdrawn Supermarket

An Espresso Shop That Looks like a Hedger in Kalush

In Lishui, a Cathedral Made out of a Thrust Stage

Gonzague Armitstead Juxtaposes Unsettling Cyberpunk Films With Immortelles

A Belizean Soldier Bejewels Sexy Trousers With Snow Plants

Eva Burian Generates Hip-hop Trousers With Brunets

An Ice Hockey Rink Made out of a Garden Trowel in Vite

A Costa Rican Musician Arranges Pointed Polaroids With Siamangs

A Malian Necromancer Changes Quarterlies into Appropriated Realist Sex Toys

In Thornton-Cleveleys, a Greasy Spoon Resembling a Ground Zero

A Vietnamese Venture Capitalist Détournes Winged Everlastings into Social Realist Murals of Fasteners

Eleven Thousand Miles of Creme De Menthe behind Leteri by a Thai Shaman

Janie Hyatt Crafts Rays into Intricate Pre-Raphaelite Watches

Avant-garde Linocuts by a Tuvaluan Sailor

Memorable Vaporwave Tapestries by an Ethiopian Flâneur

VR Renderings by Anna Magdalena Mogensen