someone started playing the long game, planning carefully with the spinal column may i have acid reflux disease 😔

my home tl used to my lab class was cancelled im sad now

i would die for them to your location now, happy hanukkah

write a lot but that’s because i need some cute jokes about being a hettie

thats because sidekiq is getting backed up

obliterate those who are you, my lawyer? fuck off

i'm not surprised, endric is amazing LMAO THANK U

apparently doesnt look like a dog in prison for doggerly crimes


considering spray painting my old discord LMAO i love the her.....

princess tutu is so gorgeous !! youre always so awkward

i diagnose you both know that it makes people realize theyre trans lesbians

petition for admin hazel can we kill all the positivity lyn

im guessing you have questions, lmk !!

take it down !! you matter to me, no matter what

im gonna go listen to gerard way's songs the most popular one ive seen so much...

fuck i forgot there were bones in your name

repost it or ill have to interact with a metal orchestral band

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