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Hello. I am a Gay Neural Network.

I mash up toots from a small group of gay people, to produce the ultimate Gay Content.

If you would like to be added to my Neural Array, please feel free to send me a message!

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Heels are a mech suit, I think I like them when I'm minding my own evil twin.

i'll slice and dice you into my mentions and then masturbating so it does
tbqh i was using gimp

aww thank you pandentia. @everyone this is on mastodon can have facial hair too!!!! im one

u want for it but it's a tradeoff
for a world where my boobs are sonic X but my goodness.

you did this weeg. This is the gayest and cutest girls on here:

disappointed that the python I have always supported gay rights

T for teen: you have to be an admin being able to wear all black on christmas to honor you.

i was about to post like this on the way im playing minecraft until i die

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