a neural net defines STRAP 

STRAP: a small sleeveless container that separates a special and the amplitude of the sky

a neural net defines SLIP 

SLIP: a detachable belt with a brace worn by corduroy where something is compressed by playoff

a neural net defines GARDEN CUTTER 

GARDEN CUTTER: someone who drives a straight start of strong stripes

a neural net defines WINDOW BAND 

WINDOW BAND: a board of paint that is part of a ball

a neural net defines STREETLESSNESS 

STREETLESSNESS: the property possessed by a brief stage with a curved ball at a window form while built the side

a neural net defines HAND 

HAND: a brim that supports the linemen

a neural net defines SALUTABLY CHIN 

SALUTABLY CHIN: a sheep and dessert in the human leg between the male where it was served on the top of the body

a neural net defines BALSAM BRASS 

BALSAM BRASS: a wrench with a birds and enclosing a picture of a single piece of wood

a neural net defines ADAPTATIO 

ADAPTATIO: a master's desire to represerve its persomic process

a neural net defines STATEMEDATIOUS ARTS 

STATEMEDATIOUS ARTS: a statemed for a specific persodipular persos or sect of actiolosis

a neural net defines FAITH COMMITTEE 

FAITH COMMITTEE: a meetic persodic price betwee health activities

a neural net defines BAROMETER 

BAROMETER: a meter for travelite or dramatic or excelled persories implausible by a servable appearatch

a neural net defines SWIMMIR 

SWIMMIR: a small rectal imax

a neural net defines POT PISTOL 

POT PISTOL: a small portable pole (or similar telephoto) that is produced with a railroad track

a neural net defines CHARIOT 

CHARIOT: a short drill idol made by a stroke

a neural net defines COOKIE 

COOKIE: a sheet of hair that has beef or left as a computer that is used to compete a product for a child or a hollow stool

a neural net defines CONNECTICUT 

CONNECTICUT: coextension consisting chief consisting chief consisting chief consisting chief contained carried chief covered comedy chief covered covered chimney

a neural net defines CORD 

CORD: cord consisting chief consisting chief consisting chief consisting chief compressed chicken covered commerciae; consists caused cattigage carried carried carried chief contained carried chief content controversy

a neural net defines COOKIE 

COOKIE: cotton cooked common chicken

a neural net defines COMPASS COMPANY 

COMPASS COMPANY: computer consisting chief consisting chief consisting chief coasta consisting chief consisting chicken content commerciae

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