(pictured above are lyra and cattlefish - here's a lady's lunch, so you know what you're looking for!)

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Hi fishing folks! Thanks for playing ❤️ 🐟

Here's the new update! Including:

- a lovely background/border, giving comfort to your friends in the great expanse

- two new kinds of non-fish items: an oyster and pearl, and a mysterious selfie?

- three new kinds fish: lyra, cattlefish, and lady's lunch

good luck out there!

Hi fishing folks! Thanks for playing ❤️ 🐟

Just added the first mini-update.

- You can now catch LARGE zillies

- Added some junk. If you fish up trash, please don't throw it back in, ok?

- Special fish (right now, just the rainbow fish) have a special message when caught

Good luck!


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