hello fishin folks! fishing minigame is getting an overhaul!

the fish have a brand new style and slightly different colors to catch. there is also a new fish in the sea: the peanut butter and jelly fish

thanks so much for casting your lines and have a great day 🏖️

for new fishers, and a reminder for fishers from the past year: the robotic seas are a little funky and may send you another fish at a random time in the future!

if this bothers you for some reason, refrain from casting at me, or if you have already and you'd like to be blocked so you can't receive any more surprise fish, let me know.

otherwise enjoy the possible surprise future fish!

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(pictured above are lyra and cattlefish - here's a lady's lunch, so you know what you're looking for!)

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Hi fishing folks! Thanks for playing ❤️ 🐟

Here's the new update! Including:

- a lovely background/border, giving comfort to your friends in the great expanse

- two new kinds of non-fish items: an oyster and pearl, and a mysterious selfie?

- three new kinds fish: lyra, cattlefish, and lady's lunch

good luck out there!

Hi fishing folks! Thanks for playing ❤️ 🐟

Just added the first mini-update.

- You can now catch LARGE zillies

- Added some junk. If you fish up trash, please don't throw it back in, ok?

- Special fish (right now, just the rainbow fish) have a special message when caught

Good luck!

- Updates will be posted in this format so you know if there's more fish in the sea! Right now there is one type of fish in many colors. Coming soon is more types, and junk (oh no!). In the future weights/sizes and background changes may be added.

- Bot was created with cheapbotstootsweet.com by @vivaizix Please contact me there if you have questions.

Good luck!

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