Fellas is it gay to dupe? You pretty much just deceiving (an unwary person). <i>synonym</i>: <strong> deceive</strong>. ☕️

is it gay to ruffle? You're literally making a ruffle in 🤔

Guys: is it gay to thrash? You're pumping out blood at all ☕️

is it gay to wobble? Because you're causing to wobble.

is it gay to encourage? You really inspiring with hope, courage, or confidence. 😔

is it gay to ride? You literally harassing with persistent carping and criticism. 😔😳

Guys is it gay to seek? You pretty much just getting or reaching 😳🤔🤔

fellas: is it gay to captivate? You're basically capturing. ☕️

guys: is it gay to unify? You're just becoming one 😔

FELLAS... is it gay to slay? You're literally killing violently. 😳😳

GUYS... is it gay to verify? Because you're attesting to the truth of (something) formally or under oath. ☕️😔☕️

fellas, is it gay to trivialize? Because you're making something appear trivial

fellas, is it gay to unfold? You're really being revealed gradually to the understanding. 😔

Fellas: is it gay to borrow? You're literally adopting words from one language for use in another. ☕️

is it gay to thieve? You practicing theft 😔

Fellas, is it gay to downsize? I mean you're literally making in a smaller size.

Fellas is it gay to dump? You're pretty much just discarding or rejecting unceremoniously. 😔

fellas... is it gay to personify? You just being an example of ☕️

is it gay to obey? You just being obedient, compliant (to a given law, restriction etc.). ☕️

is it gay to bequeath? You be passing (something) on to another 😳

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