Fellas, is it gay to fledge? You really taking care of (a young bird) until it is ready to fly. 😳☕️

is it gay to buttress? You're basically sustaining, prop, or bolster. 😳☕️

FELLAS is it gay to riffle? It's literally skimming or flick through the pages of a book. ☕️😳😔

FELLAS, is it gay to excite? You be producing increased activity or response in (an organ, tissue, or part) 🤔☕️😳

fellas, is it gay to parry? Because you're deflecting or warding off (a fencing thrust, for example). 🤔

guys, is it gay to apply? You're making use of, declare, or pronounce, as suitable, fitting, or relative 😳

fellas... is it gay to liberalize? You're just making liberal, free. 😔

FELLAS is it gay to daub? You're making crude or amateurish paintings. 🤔

guys, is it gay to invigorate? It's literally making lively. 😔😔☕️

is it gay to pockmark? Because you're covering with pockmarks 🤔

is it gay to shimmy? I mean you're literally vibrating or wobbling abnormally. 🤔☕️

Fellas is it gay to officiate? You're just serving as a referee or umpire at (a game). 😳

fellas... is it gay to ostracize? Because you're banishing by ostracism, as in ancient Greece. 😳

FELLAS: is it gay to curb? You just putting down by force or authority 😔

FELLAS... is it gay to slay? You basically overwhelming, as with laughter or love. 😳

fellas, is it gay to formalize? You be giving something a definite form 😳

FELLAS is it gay to participate? You're literally being active or involved in something ☕️☕️😔

fellas: is it gay to grapple? You're holding onto something with a grapple. 🤔

Fellas... is it gay to spit? You're just emitting suddenly and forcefully. 😔

is it gay to congest? Because you're overfilling or overcrowding. 🤔

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