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June 1st is Trans Day of Being Completely Fucking Done with Pride Month Less Than Ten Hours In.

No brands at pride! No cops at pride! No fake allies at pride! Fuck the lot of you.

May 31st is Trans Day Of Wait Shit It's Pronounced Blow High?

May 29th is Trans Day of Morbing Or Soemthing I dunno I Have Never Seen The MOrbie And Likely Never Will

May 24th is Trans Day of Just Fucking Pirating All The Shit You Want And Cancelling Netflix

May 21st is Trans Day of Trans Pride in Paisley aaaaaa

Wish I could be there marching with yous


May 18th is Trans

That's it. That's the toot. The whole day is trans. I'm transing it here and now.

May 17th is International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Interphobia and Transphobia.

Now fucking behave yourselves, cishets!

Oh i guess crossposting broke when Botsin went down. Okay.

May 14th was Trans Day of Autonomy

May 16th is Trans Day of Queer Time Skipping A Day

Three trans days at once on Fediverse to make up for the instance being down the last couple of days

May 11th is Trans Day of Just Don't Flipping Harass People Trying To Get Healthcare, Dipshit.
(in response specifically to some shit going down outside the Sandyford clinic in Scotland)

May 12th is Trans Day of Gay Thoughts

and May 13th is Trans Day of Holding On Until The Next Trans Day πŸ’œ

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