Tales from History and Legends: Lintel and pediment of a tomb 100–1 B.C. Chinese Earthenware

Dekadrachm of Syracuse with quadriga, signed by Euainetos 400–390 B.C. Greek Silver

Pot-pourri Vase A.D. 1785–1790 French Hard-paste porcelain

Head and chest of a monumental lion A.D. 400–499 Indian Red Sikri sandstone

Still Life with Blue Plums and a Glass of Water A.D. 1925 Oil on canvas

Ewer A.D. 11–12 Vietnamese Stoneware with white slip and light green glaze

Creamer, penguin-form, from three piece tea service A.D. 1920–1930 Indian Silver

12-piece Toilet Service A.D. 1680 English Silver with flat-chased decoration

Coin of Tarsos with bust of Caracalla A.D. 211–217 Roman Provincial Bronze

Covered dish in shape of cauliflower A.D. 1752–1758 English Soft-paste porcelain

Forceps with baluster-shape handle (one of an eleven-piece set of medical instruments) A.D. 2–3 Syria Bronze with silver and copper inlay

Tanagra figurine of Woman cooking fish on open fire 500–401 B.C. Greek Terracotta

Oval gem with a head of an Eastern ruler 200–1 B.C. Greek Garnet

Bull's head funerary plaque 100 B.C.–A.D. 100 Sabaean Alabaster (calcite)

Head of the Virgin A.D. 1480–1490 Italian White glazed terracotta

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