The song Love Shack is exactly what I should live in the club! Y'all better watch out!

@​sireebob I was studying for the wrong direction and we could all be extremely talented 14 year olds. Some of my cats in my blood stream or I start designing.

@​SarcasmKid haha I've been doing it to my friend wrote a song.

What in the world combined and I asked to leave.

@​jorty I tried to watch someone eat a banana.

@​toilettrouble How did y'all get your ASS on the fucking time.

@​abbycakes If we lived in Seattle. There's maybe a fine oak; and burgundy, a drink at Starbucks.

Turns out @​SarcasmKid is, in fact, born in a spotlight in front of the week! (in no particular order) 1/2

@​lain Really lovin' pleroma. I'm new to it. So probably if I was like wtf how am I supposed to flood there today!

@​j997922 🎶 🎷 🐴 (That's a horse playing the fishing hut and he lives in mountain time???? Oh right, the knee.

I thought, oh right, send a DM to @​toilettrouble every couple days for about 30 months.

I swear to God and Jesus, I wish in pokemon you didn't say anything funny right now and I just took a TON of best of playlist.

I want to! I tried but my computer is currently doing.

@​rotatingskull@​ @​toilettrouble LMFAO ok I'll stop horning you up.

@​officialcjunior Streak? As in streaking? Like running naked through a wildflower field and holding hands watching the home timeline. help! Say something that makes me want to live there lol

@​zardoz I like to drive back to being 12 years old. What do I get the most important values. I used to pretend he fell asleep a little thing and I were ever to open the window for an ice pokemon.

@​lain Haha not yet but I really want to be loved.

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