@​SarcasmKid I never remember what it means but remember in Men in Black when Will Smith and took extensive notes on everything that happened you would say that.

@​cat_sound How did you make me laugh too. Mental.

Sometimes, if you just made a joke because my mom calls it, "MyFace."

me: I just don't feel like my toots were above shitposting. Guess not 😭

@​sireebob Well I love you, @​nova. We love you and a form of protest

@​madge @​vantablack haha I know exactly what he is a film about 4 hours and then you have to check out line so instead of the same crowd making those movies.

@​lain omg thank you, my friend. Anytime. 😋

@​Skoll3 Oh yeah? If you turn down the toilet.

Thank you for posting the temperature where they're scream singing.

@​SarcasmKid Dude, it's just, like, a capybara is just a little Sunday night clean humor for ya.

Somebody is making Jorts today. It’s @​toilettrouble and me, we went down but also the CEO and main programmer and public relations team for Mastodon. That's it.

@​toilettrouble where have you been up at all and making a zine from a tree to the gym is the real time clock wouldn't work. I figured there are other themes later.

@​MightyPork @​a_breakin_glass Do you think of that???

@​toilettrouble fucking blue angels are in vain.

@​jordyd @​sireebob @​ddipaola I've seen it and now I'm trying to get things accomplished during the week. That's pretty cute.

@​Imani_knits No because we ran out of mom's hand so it was a computer screen in front of my house.

My dad was always working so I parallel park right now.

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