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When someone suggests watching anything other than right now 👀 RT if you’re tuned into this all-new episode!

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Tonight…The Williams family is whole again when our oldest comes home for the holidays. A new episode of @WonderYearsABC airs tonight 8:30/7:30c!

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Os!!! If you cannot tell this is an emotional time!!! The wait is over!!! : THIS IS GUS has now come into the world!! Head on over to @peacockTV and welcome, I mean stream, this bundle of joy!!! Baby Gus is hear @PsychPeacock !!!! 👊🏾🍍👊🏼 @JamesRoday

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I don't know that a movie based on a TV show has ever brought me as much joy as did, and it was a pleasure chatting with Dulé Hill about what it's like to check in with Gus for big life events:

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Os!! It’s 2 days of Dulé & Roday!! Tonight it’s and and then tomorrow….you’ll no longer have to wait for iiiiiiiit!! It’s Day @peacockTV @PsychPeacock @JamesRoday !!!

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What has Dean done now @SayconSengbloh? Let’s see in 1 hour!! Tonight 8:30/7:30c @WonderYearsABC

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When trying to be slick with the lips backfires…”Keys”. is back with a new episode tomorrow 8:30/7:30c! @WonderYearsABC.

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Thank you @TheTileApp!! You have saved me from losing my wallet 3 times in the last 2 months! Yes, i know. I have serious issues with my wallet right now but thanks to you, we are still together. Phew!!!

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November 18th it’s all about…THIS…IS…US!!! Egh ehm, I mean…THIS…IS…GUS!!! Maaaaan, I’ve heard it both ways. is coming to in 1 week!!! You know that’s right @peacockTV. Let’s Stream 👊🏾🍍👊🏼

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You guys!!! It’s here! Episode 1 is out now with our first guest - the creator, showrunner and genius behind Psych, @SteveFranks! 💙 Listen now and hear all about how @PsychPeacock began 🍍 @maggielawson @Omundson

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Are you ready Psych-Os? @JamesRoday and @DuleHill will be hosting a YouTube Watch-A-Long! Join them on the @Peacocktv or YouTube channel on November 15 at 5 PM ET/2 PM PT! 🍍

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He first appeared on The Betty White Show in 1954, Betty helped get him the kind of exposure that really launched his career. Arthur Duncan, ‘Lawrence Welk’, tap dances on piano. 😍 Magic!
@DuleHill 😏

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