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Kazzinova Krusher
Skating for the Harbour City Rollers

Anida Blade
#99 for the Harrisburg Area Roller Derby

Adrenalyn Crush
Skating for the Terminal City Rollergirls

Derek CheatHer
Skating for the San Antonio Roller Derby

Bekah Body Chekah
#0807 for the Kitsap Derby Brats

Kosmo Kram-her
#23 for the Girls Rollin in the South (GRITS)

Lux Posterior
for the Kansas City Banked Beauties

Ruth or Consequences
#16 for the Chesapeake Roller Derby

Bloodwig Van Skatehoven
for the North East Roller Derby

Polly Socket
#55 for the Dragon City Derby Dolls

Brawllen Angel
#888 for the B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls

#2084 for the St. Cloud Area Roller Dolls

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