Betty BrutalizHER
#44 for the Portneuf Valley Bruisers RDA

Scalp 'Em Squaw
#28 for the Scenic City Roller Psychos

Anita Beam
#99 for the Chemical Valley Rollerigirls

Mad Flasher (The)
#123 for the Eerie Roller Girls

Colette Razor Cat
#.38 cal for the Arizona Rollergirls

Blacktop Betty
Skating for the Victoria Rollergirls

Mr. McFeely
Coach of the Slaughter County Roller Vixens

Raeven Claws
#5150 for the Central Mass Roller Derby

Colonel Kaos!
#601 for the Adelaide Roller Derby

Steamboat Lilly
#33 for the Battle Born Derby Demons

Swiss Missconduct
#05 for the Emerald City Roller Girls

Born Lippy
#745 for the Richter City Roller Derby

Wilma Breakbone
#1001 for the Seaside Siren Roller Girls

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