Scuzzberry Skankcake
#1031 for the 580 Roller Girls

Birching Bomb
Skating for the Lincolnshire Bombers

#24 for the Pioneer Valley Roller Derby

Polly van Dalize
Skating for the Ruhrpott Roller Girls

Robyn G. Spotz
#247 for the Tragic City Rollers

Scarlet Sparklepants
#34 for the Seacoast Roller Pixies

#31 for the Cheyenne Capidolls Roller Derby

Lady Roll D'Mort
#934 for the Adelaide Roller Derby

Ginny Hendricks
Skating for the Brewcity Bruisers

Sauer Susi
#27 for the Rollergirls of Southern Indiana

Psychobillie Holiday
Skating for the Dixie Derby Girls

Mater Wett
Referee for the Central California Area Derby

Cat Caller
Skating for the Mid Michigan Derby Girls

In-Seine Sally
Skating for the Rock Island Rollers

Backdoor Bettie
Skating for the Heart of Appalachia Roller Derby

Lil' Miss Potty Mouth
#621 for the Fargo Moorhead Derby Girls

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