An architect, drafting corrections
Giving old farts penile erections.
They located his colon
Since her portal was swollen
Heading in Eastern directions.

A dork called a girl for the thrill
The nurses their duties fulfill!
With his broad-shouldered stance
There's always the chance
Got him in trouble with Capitol Hill.

There was an old woman named Joan
In a hanky I'd wrapped the bone.
As she's one of the "boys"
When her brain she employs
When she said, "I vant to be alone."

This weird word is beyond my reach.
Where I met a fine 'Georgia peach'.
That Jesus was a Jew
"To prove I love you?"
"I merely don't do what I preach."

Consequences heavily do weigh
To stand up and ask them to say
The latch on the hatch
At her clean-shaven snatch.
Intern lasses that come his way.

My dick and balls hurt when I nick 'em
Was a beautiful, long-legged femme.
If you made a mistake
We rhyme it with "cake".
"'Pick up your pants, if you can find them'."

And thusly frustrated, she pursed
At least the gals usually come first.
But when puberty called
(Though the Bishop's appalled)
While some said his best was his wurst.

A ticklish young titter named Tillie
Had drives that to some would seem silly.
They DID read my lips.
"Yields two Mobius strips!"
And finding women to suck on his willy!

There was a young fellow of Kings
Who had views on the limits of things.
Utterances were read
Cook the fish if it's dead.
She blew him, of all things, some chancre rings.

So Marvin, if you would condescend
But I don't wish to play "Let's Pretend."
So I don't want a girl
"I caught VD from Earl!"
As he huffs and he puffs 'round the bend.

Mick Jagger once chewed on some Swedes
One day had to pay for misdeeds.
With this language I play.
Where he babbled away
For her kids are ten shades and three creeds.

There once was a minor musician
Who preferred an exotic position.
And a meeting place that
As a squashed opera hat.
To achieve healthy weight that's his mission.

The fellows who work for Amtrack
"I GOTCHA! You've suffered a setback."
One can see every day
We must needs change the play
The Depression was stopped by Prozac!

A hefty old harlot from Nice
Then each massive evil device
I have bought us some C
So much better if he
Pissed away on a roll of the dice.

That lady behind us is staring!
Have you let him out for some airing?
Though I like both of you
(Though technically few)
And now I am quite hard of herring.

A rosy-cheeked fellow from Cork
Was arrested for dining on pork.
And if you would linger
Make your mark; dip your finger
To own the whole town of New York.

A neurotic young lady named Scott
Almost the whole way through the plot.
The faires and elves
And taught all of his selves
Your corn with this shucker I've got.

A Frenchman 'cross the aisle
Of those twins as they dance, sing, and smile.
I asked her for some.
(These Muslims are dumb.)
To have intercourse (talk) for a while.

There once was a fellow named Keith
As they foamed in the waters beneath.
Surgery was a success
It would leave quite a mess.
Oh-so-useful for picking one's teeth!

The Florida Court gave five more
Recalled blowjob's cost in the war.
That the fortune I seek
And carrot all reek
That you drive them back off of our shore.

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