Hbomb is currently running a charity stream to raise money for @Mermaids_Gender !

@ContraPoints You're amazing, I love your work, you're the goddam best. Last vid pushed me over the edge. Have some fanart.

The #1 criticism of my video is still that I called Dankula a "hate crime convict." I do think it's wrong that his video incurred a legal offense, so calling him that was just a joke. It was a meme. I was shitposting.

It seems like Rose McGowan is sincerely sorry for her statements and actions against the trans community, and has put in real effort to learn and grow. The are some less-than-ideal sentences in here, but the fact that she’s so solidly anti-TERF is great.

But in view of the fact that most cis people don't really view ANY of us as women, I'm not sure that's the place to start, rhetorically speaking. But I'd be genuinely happy to be proved wrong!

I feel like I'm pushing the limits of cis toleration and understanding as is by being so forward about the "feminine penis" aspect. But it seems like a lot of trans people want me to push it even further to "hairy tops not on hormones can be women too"β€”which yes, yes they can!

But when you're in conversation with straight men who think men who like trans women are, in virtue of that fact, gay, I think it helps to start with examples of trans women that they're likely to find comprehensible from the cis point of view.

I'm pretty hesitant to clarify my own views or address rumors, since in the past that's only made things worse for me, but it really never hurts to say: you don't need to be on hormones to be a trans woman, you don't have to pass, you don't have to be a bottom.

Surveys showing 13-21 year-olds are even more left-wing than millennials are an interesting contrast to the apparent domination of YouTube by right-wing content.

Putting my lights to full use watching @ContraPoints

As womyn, we draw on the sacred power of tucking one's penis between one's thighs.

couldn't resist sketching Lenora LaVey, one of @ContraPoints' myriad characters. Beyond fabulous.

I tried to recreate one of the great lighting designs in @ContraPoints new video, go watch it!

People are e-mailing me asking which music Natalie used in her latest video. I think I have to face facts, it's time I set up a webpage listing it all...

I guess I'm going to have to watch all her videos yet again, "oh no"...

Yes, @ContraPoints is definitely made even better by syncing lights.

The @PedanticRomantc video I cite in my vid is really worth a watch. She does a great job arguing that even in anime fandoms, β€œtrap” has always referred to trans women, not just male crossdressers, as many in my comments continue to insist.

"as always, my aspiration is to derive a woke conclusion from edgy premises. to shitpost my way to the moral high ground." - @ContraPoints

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