They are fathers, mothers, grandparents, daughters and sons.

They are refugees, immigrants and New-Zealand born.

They are Kiwis.

These are the names of those who have died or are missing after the Christchurch Act of Terror.

Many of us spent days & days in 2017 arguing that the racists were real, that they were dangerous, that their "irony" was a ploy. We were told again & again that we were crazy, that it was all a joke, we just didn't understand memes, we'd succumbed to paranoid delusions.

Since @nr2097 worked out the correct name for the @ContraPoints album, it's become clear that it could never have been called anything else.

While you're still horrified by the mosque shooting, I'm going to share something I don't normally share. Because tomorrow, it won't be so fresh, and that feeling you have right now, where even a small, kindhearted country like NZ isn't safe won't be filling your heart the 1/

Love to the Muslims on my timeline on this hard and horrible night

I feel so sad. We begged you to stop amplifying and normalising hatred and racism. But you told us we were 'politically correct' and 'freedom of speech' was more important.

The more you gave the far-right a platform, the more powerful they got. We begged you.

The New Zealand shooter used the same symbol here on this red shield.

The man carrying this shield is Taylor Wilson. He's serving 14 years for committing an act of terrorism against an amtrak train.

The man behind him is James Fields, who committed the car attack hours later.

On her YouTube channel, Wynn tries to reframe the debate around issues like free speech, the alt-right, incels, and transgender pronouns in a way that "makes [the far right] reveal their puritanism and their phobias"

it is always kind of a shit week deliberately exposing your mind to bigoted garbage, but by now I've done it so many times, my spirit is already so downtrodden, can I really sink any lower? let's find out!

Thanks to the 200+ of you who have sent me responses! I know many of you have revisited a lot of pain and struggle for the sake this project, & I'm grateful for the effort and the insight

Send me an email at, subject line "Gender Critical." I may quote text from your message in a video (strict anonymity assumed unless you specify otherwise).

Did you use to be a TERF or "gender critical" feminist? I'd like to hear from you! Let me know: what experiences/thoughts/feelings led you to sympathize with the "gender critical" point of view? What made you question that point of view or helped you change your mind?

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