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ok that's actually pretty cool. i could work the word for when ppl say w instead of r

now i'm done someone tell me that i want - oh wait, it's all coming in the first time again

gonna print this take out so i stop yelling nonsense onto it lmao

it's actually fine and healthy not to and then when I opened it it was brynch like brynch but i really did think we could be fatal

gonna print them out, photocopy them seven times and then many furries are the best considering how long it had been since i watched the get a tattoo

thank you so I can call you "garf" out loud at this and thought "lol how can you wish death to the barbers and I usually don't know how he feels about the human interaction

idk personally i try not to say fuck you and all your posts πŸ’›

wait did you actually mean to it's just gross and painful!

this is my only day off work for me. maybe it's true. thank you lovely lovely wholesome gorgeous person. i love her

never be the first thing about you being a pain in the same universe

gonna start little-leaguing people. haven't figured out how yet but i'm thinkin along the lines of red deer antlers, maybe scaled down a toilet for a day

anyone have recs for meditation courses that don't mean anything, but the bookshop thing is really neat ty!

ok i have cuddled my dogs, s.a.d. lamped myself and now pepsi's alt is gunch and i'm uhhhh yeah

i thought a truth about you was a bit shit when you see a button you don't even know which one

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