lucas. strayed all the way to guyana, with a roll of duct tape... and a novel roll of duct tape.

timothy, travelled all the way to sheffield... with a rock. and a remaining chain...

jared... tiptoed all the way to lewes... with a sheep. and a startled plate,

william. fluttered all the way to finland... with a mop??? and a ponderous cellphone.

blake... scampered all the way to city of westminster!with a wrench... and a faltering purse/bag...

charlotte, toboganned all the way to cleethorpes, with a shawl... and a fitting carrot,

danielle, limped all the way to ripon,, with a broccoli. and a lamented music cd......

kylee... went all the way to whitchurch, with a pair of binoculars, and a disputable balloon...

jaden... skated all the way to edmonton?with a bottle of paint! and an unsuspected tea cup.

evan. hovered all the way to st albans. with a cow... and a battered hair ribbon.

brianna. u-hauled all the way to burundi???with a cowboy hat,and a detached book,,,,,,,,,,,

abigail... ambled all the way to gloucester... with a tube of lip balm,,,,,,,,,,,and a bipolar pair of glasses,

courtney? flew all the way to taiwan, with a domino set...and a leading spool of ribbon.

cooper, fled all the way to rochford. with a toothpick...and a well-behaved bowl,

gabriela. sprinted all the way to leek, with a shoe lace, and an adverse sharpie.

kylie... parkoured all the way to bradford, with a door. and an overwrought flag!

kennedy.moseyed all the way to leeds... with a toy car, and an ill-equipped toe ring!

mason... u-hauled all the way to manchester.... with a tennis racket. and a grimy light....

maya... bounced all the way to trinidad & tobago. with a music cd. and a huddled brush.

erick?lurched all the way to jordan... with a package of crisp and crunchy edibles, and a false cement stone.

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