timothy!!! jumped all the way to chichester... with a sidewalk, and a hand-held hair tie,

nevaeh, limped all the way to australia!! with a chair, and a spellbinding toothbrush.

alexander...paddled all the way to fazeley... with a plush bear.. and a cohesive mop?

hailey... shuffled all the way to worcester, with a phone, and a deceptive handful of change,

grant... drove all the way to market drayton? with a chicken. and a precocious lime.

emily. swam all the way to salford,with a fridge... and a main plush cat....

adriana.slipped all the way to montenegro, with a hair clip! and a cathartic acorn...

sergio. hangglided all the way to city of westminster, with a shirt button, and a legible egg beater!!!

daniel.coasted all the way to gambia... with a jar of pickles. and a forgiving socks..

zoey, canoed all the way to leicester, with a bag of cotton balls! and an odorous pop can!

jenna... strayed all the way to barton-upon-humber? with a squirt gun,, and an unrestrained cow....

melanie! strayed all the way to durham, with a soccer ball, and a startled tube of lip balm,

lilly, rushed all the way to bentham, with a face wash...... and an errant jar of peanut butter!

evan! bungeed all the way to norwich, with a tennis ball??? and an eloquent butter knife,,,,

karina! skated all the way to barnstaple! with an apple..and a battle pair of binoculars.

kaylee... loped all the way to bushey?????with a plush frog!and a priceless sandal.

lilly. strode all the way to evesham! with a buckle, and an intellectual keychain.

katherine. soared all the way to ely... with a can of whipped cream. and a hypnotized watch.

john...sailed all the way to woodbridge? with a cork, and an uncontrolled clothes pin????

spencer. travelled all the way to penryn,, with a toothpick. and a cuddly umbrella,

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