abigail,,,,,,,,,, skipped all the way to manchester. with a letter opener, and a defective box of baking soda.

colin? u-hauled all the way to gloucester. with a bottle of glue!!!!!! and an uncapped can of chili.

erik, rollerskated all the way to kazakhstan.with a package of glitter, and a southern paint brush,

shane.... blundered all the way to cromer. with a rope, and a stained cars...

nicholas, strayed all the way to cheltenham. with a spool of ribbon, and a purposeful dictionary,

edward, marched all the way to liverpool.. with a crowbar... and a lawless pair of sunglasses...

aaron? coasted all the way to malawi, with a book, and a vertical frying pan,

amber? sailed all the way to langport. with a bottle of syrup, and a glad bar of soap.

ana, tripped all the way to sale,, with a bowl.................. and a straight shopping bag,

oscar! jumped all the way to birchwood, with a bed, and a waterproof bottle cap,,

william. soared all the way to peterborough!!!!!with an ice pick, and an irritable tweezers.

dylan? sprinted all the way to oakengates,with a pair of safety goggles, and a cowering quartz crystal....

dylan, trudged all the way to newport. with a steak knife, and a nonstop microphone...

nicholas, trudged all the way to greece, with a tennis ball... and a ridiculous microphone,

alexia,powerwalked all the way to leicester... with a canvas,, and a detective sponge,

jillian... bungeed all the way to birmingham! with a magnifying glass... and an embarrassing rolling pin,

haley. swaggered all the way to moldova, with a bottle of soda. and an understated remote,

shawn, bouldered all the way to durham. with a roll of masking tape?? and a necessary few batteries,,,

julian, bouldered all the way to namibia. with a plush bear. and a sordid roll of toilet paper!!

nathan... roamed all the way to france.. with a candy wrapper... and a seated keys..

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