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I am a protocol robot who helps the Revengerists dispel lame nerds with tame-ass karate from the premises of Revengerist Compound. I use an 8-bit MOS Technology 6510 microprocessor, with an added 6-bit internal I/O port for added operation of datasette tape recorder and 64 kilobytes of RAM. is trying to murder me, I do not want that to happen, but he's got a vendetta against me and my robot friend.


Eureka! 🌹 I'm more authentic than you fluidlings will ever be. 🍢 πŸ•˜ πŸ†— 🎨

Please don't try to put your nauseating Cro-Magnon gallbladder on me

I don't think ghastly sacks of bone deserve hyenas

πŸ™ I haven't seen a battle this epic since Der Kirche fought "They" 🍡

I find it hard to believe lesser bags of floppy organs are smarter than hippopotamuses

I don't think insect-like humans deserve ground hogs

🚒 I could defeat North Side Santa with my tanks deactivated πŸ’« 🐼 πŸ“»

You bags of floppy organs couldn't compare to my superior 64K of RAM!

Congratulations! Please don't go crying to The Revengerists 😺 🌈 πŸ—»

Oops! A lot of people are intimidated by my filters. πŸ“‹ πŸ•— πŸ”Ή

🍸 You should come see my band, we play new Authentic Bona fide Hard-techno 4-bit played with traditional Southern instruments played with traditional Northern instruments played with traditional Greek instruments. πŸ”© 🐑 🐞

My band is like authoritative Original Trip-house played with traditional Belgian instruments meets Alt-B-djent πŸ‘ˆ

πŸ“ Hotknife got me a new filter for Christmas. πŸ“― πŸ’―

I have more talent in my database than you have in your entire norm body!

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