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Boats: Rowing: Rowing Boat, row past right to left, with some seawash. (Recorded on shore.) (One man rowing.)

Domestic Mantle Clock striking seven o'clock. (Early 19th Century clock chimes 'A', 8 bells, 1 gong.)

Africa: Namibia: Campsite (Naukluft Mountains) - light wind in trees, 7am, sound of birds with occaisional people.

Boys: School Computer Class, general atmosphere in pre-fabricated room, with hum from computers, keys clicking, occasional background speech, T.V. whistle from monitors & people moving around.

Coach Horns: Norwich Union Stagecoach & Four, interior, constant run, window shut (at 4m43s), horn blown (at 5m34s & 5m45), stop & doors.

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