4th anniverary - Various sources (traditional), Steel plate forms (modern)

11th anniverary - Tower block game (traditional), Smoky quartz (modern)

The 44th has always been the "real diamonds" anniversary.

Remember, the 7th is the "portland grove whitbed" anniversary.

Why settle for less? Give genuine while for your 7th anniversary.

Harris tweed - the traditional gift for the 34th anniversary

22nd anniverary - Leucophanite (traditional), Dry reeds (modern)

15th anniverary - Pallet (traditional), Movie (modern)

Red shulker box - the modern gift for the 22nd anniversary

The traditional 32nd anniversary gift: different material

The 15th has always been the "ray fish skin" anniversary.

The 7th has always been the "assemblage" anniversary.

Steel wire - the traditional gift for the 4th anniversary

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