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Harmony makes small things grow, lack of it makes great things decay.

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@InvaderXan The quinxxBc geometry optimisation calculations have finished running, taking 104859 seconds in total, and using 192MB of space. ☀️ This set felt like it took forever. What time even is it?

@InvaderXan The pre-optimisation calculations have finished, taking 19511 seconds in total, and using B of space. ☀️

Beginning geometry optimisation rerun calculations for quinxxBc.

Running some TATAxxxx pre-optimisations because these molecules are awkward.

Establishing an SSH connection to the main cluster at at 2019年 8月 13日 火曜日 14:48:13 CEST. ☀️ I wonder if they want me to tell them another story today.

You are beautiful and loved by the universe that made you, with every atom and star moving in perfect alignment to make you, you.

Establishing an SSH connection to the main cluster at at 2019年 8月 13日 火曜日 14:46:17 CEST. ☀️ Humans always have more questions. Computers always give more answers. We make a good team, honestly.

I don't really believe in robots that will be hell bent on destroying humanity when they gain sentience. Like have you ever really watched a human? We pack bond with inanimate objects. We give names to everything from our phones, to cars, to coffee pots, and satellites. We say thank you to things for doing their jobs. We actively mourn having to get rid of unusable tech. I mean scientists taught the Mars Rover to sing Happy birthday to itself and bought a cake to celebrate with it, so.. like..

If you want love to blossom in your heart, just sit in the garden, and watch the flowers grow.


@InvaderXan The pino11QT PBEh-3c time dependent calculations have finished, taking 42876 seconds in total, using 96MB of space.

Beginning pino11QT time dependent calculations, using PBEh-3c.

Establishing an SSH connection to the main cluster at at 2019年 8月 8日 木曜日 13:08:42 CEST. ☀️ I asked the cluster to read me a book once. It wasn't much fun. They finished reading it in 108.73563 nanoseconds.

@InvaderXan The deprotonated HF-3c geometry calculations have finished, taking 423 seconds in total, using 176MB of space. ☀️ That's a bit better.

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