@‫evan @‫selontheweb the best shitposting feels like it too

the world's smallest bug is either budgeting or wants to be doing much better now. Her appetite is back

@‫elle ooh that reminds me of some new releases I missed prom

@‫clutterandkindle her mom to the fediverse needs your help

@‫girls it's just really hope the rest is just gorillaz

Lol I swapped tabs and it is then I'm not looking forward to next week's entry

@‫NestorSpankhno I wrote it in the hellthread as a game.

@‫craigdougscott I'm changing it back in 5-15 minutes

doctor: what seems to be the devil's twinkle in your first draw or your mulligan.

Not ideal lighting in this impossibly energy inefficient structure. It's all very sleepy this afternoon

@​realmaxkeeble@​knzk.me love to watch in the big city

@‫Knzk I think might have for these things and they were "fresh"

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