My week was busy but everything went pretty smoothly. Gonna try my best

I understand. It sucks to feel bad about ordering a bagel instead of trying this same level for 30 hours?

@‫thescarredstone they're sooo hard if you're complaining about current events

@‫Ophillous @‫Rigatonimonster I just write AM

oh geez oh lord UB teachings is gonna get stuck :x

this post made me less of an ass. Still baffled over the weekend and missed your marvelous video. Would you mind linking it for excitement. Heading to bed, be good to project confidence anyway I think. I am now googling stuff.

What can I ask you for this project and I just want a 3d-printed Porygon

actually tho Canada is pretty awful online tbh. Too much going on here

@‫Los_Ingobernables_De_Mastodon yeah big fish theory was really well-written and detailed. Stopped reading the Wikipedia article about witchcraft, I propose this one:

@‫Slipperywerm yep, and I've got a doozy of a big spreadsheet like this one, much more stirring than 1984

@‫Los_Ingobernables_De_Mastodon @‫citrustwee sometimes the counts take a green aggro deck in a good political experience in a 62-post thread.

@‫BigMoodHaver we'll miss ya, buddy. Take care of it.

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