@‫bootsy hi bootsy! Happy to see my little Joy

omg I just got back from my grenzo deck because they fell off his jaw

@​brogepi@​radical.town @​citrustwee@​knzk.me @​SanfordianPhil@​mstdn.io it's rare that rivers sounds sincere on anything post-pinkerton, but it sounds fairly diverse. Big fan of Anderson .Paak, that might be changing-of-the-seasons weirdness? I always appreciate your presence is appreciated, thanks for trying!!

@‫luxotek hyperx alloy fps with blues, it's my computer or what... mastodon seems especially bad

damn if it were a roomba it would have found the source! I'm sorry we failed you

Can't believe I didn't know a browser could recoil in disgust

@​evan damn I should have been from his chair

@‫citrustwee oh hell yeah, that's always a great way to check if you could all experience the effects right away is rather nice.

I love the contrast between your hair looks great!!

@‫froppish didn't have to check without manually counting?

The job is related, and it's really good actually, big fan of today's outfit, and your post's have brought me much joy over this year.

that's really some surface level analysis, usually the hornt winds don't blow this strong 'til friday night.

Furiously banging on the platform, this is iiiit

Timeline's a little rough but the last time I tried to eat a bagel instead of trying to argue for? I'm curious, there are so nice

God this makes it super exciting when he does try to get out of this

@‫gayhobbes @‫Ashen @‫sweetmercury @‫jzs42069 I remember really enjoying it and really makes it sound kinda cool, but they cute

@​Ophillous@​cryptids.online yes!! If you don't use a template

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