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Found on the Moon: Candidate for Oldest Known Earth Rock

Video Credit: NASA, Astromaterials 3D, Erika Blumenfeld et al.

The Vertical Magnetic Field of NGC 5775

Image Credit: NRAO, NASA, ESA, Hubble; Processing & Text: Jayanne English (U. Manitoba)

Central NGC 1316: After Galaxies Collide

Image Credit: NASA, ESA, Hubble; Processing & Copyright: Daniel Nobre

Massive Nearby Spiral Galaxy NGC 2841

Image Credit: NASA, ESA, Hubble, Subaru; Composition & Copyright: Roberto Colombari

The Magnetic Field of the Whirlpool Galaxy

Image Credit: NASA, SOFIA, HAWC+, Alejandro S. Borlaff; JPL-Caltech, ESA, Hubble; Text: Jayanne English (U. Manitoba)

Jets from Unusual Galaxy Centaurus A

Image Credit: ESO/WFI (visible); MPIfR/ESO/APEX/A. Weiss et al. (microwave); NASA/CXC/CfA/R. Kraft et al. (X-ray)

A Plutonian Landscape

Image Credit: NASA, Johns Hopkins Univ./APL, Southwest Research Institute

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