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i'd be content and even happy with being a girl if the only thing "girl" meant was whatever is going on in the k-on op

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diminishing value of everything ever said out loud

you are expected to do better than they expect you to

nothing, really;
You know, the time of falling is long after 6 o'clock.

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solstice sunshine
only a world of dew
night rain

when someone inevitably and unknowingly calls me "jan 4nf" in a toki pona space i am going to laugh so hard
the sheer contradiction of it all

Every toot is a barren landscape of choices
lavender and static
You take your turn... at a laundry mall

"you're X? ah, so you like this piece of media in which a character is also X"

first, how dare you assume i like something just because of what i am
second, yes

this toot is sponsored by the technology connections video on coffee percolators

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ah yes, blaseball and homestuch, the two pieces of media that cause me to go "wait this is actually a real word ajjgshkfs i thought that was just a blaseball/homestuch thinh" on a regular basis


i feel like for almost every single thinh i am today me beinh that would elicit a response like "а что так МОЖНО БЫЛО?! ааа" from my past self

honestly i'm still havinh this emotion right now sometimes

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help a black trans man!

"I am reaching out and asking for a helping hand. I am trying to raise money with help to obtaining my first car. I am slowly but surely progressing in the right direction to better my future. Being able to purchase a car will add such beneficial impact for me and where I'm trying to get in life. Any and all help would be appreciated whether it be just passing this on or any type of donation. Thank you and let's see where this goes!!"

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