[what is the significance of the number 1392?]

there is no passive voice here, just a thinking door.

The narrator speaks of youth as if it existed

do i miss you?
or do i miss the person that i was?

Oh, there are things in my childhood I can point to and say—look! There! A hint of my future strangeness. But just as many things complicate the picture, and make me wonder—what if I’ve changed, instead? Did any of my yearnings mean then what they mean now? Were they only a child’s strange anxieties and fantasies? Or were they an insight, the key to the person I’d become? I truly don’t know. archiveofourown.org/works/7149

that's the most important thing. just keep breathing

She didn’t know what love had to do with it or why that thought came across her head but she couldn't shake that word off her mind. archiveofourown.org/works/1416

It was a plain, really warm feeling, romanticized with no pain.

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