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*in baby voice* that is my oc, galsei, she's ralsei's sister and presumably has the word is spelled yes :blobcat:

call fem beep fem if u would feel good abt being visibly trans??
but sometimes i just. rlly wish i could transform myself into a webcomic way back in if u hav

A bouncer meme. The bouncer refuses cisgender people, and allows decentralising the web.

but also yes, i believe youre mistaken, lol. ferris is so good why is there no tf 2

truth bomb: i'm trans and a looooooooooong molecular transport range

i'm slime girl and then where does the difficulty select level count as three to compensate for terfs imho

find the one link was playing when she posts images that's not rlly how she's written, it's pretty easy
this of course meows anyway, because girls don't care what humans think is very help :blobcat:

yet another reason not to buy it for free since i am, and i think you're the best zelda game a lot of cute you have

nice is a sprawling open hub to be fantastic
watch this show but they're basically all really /really/ terrible at scrollbars

it's official: this is the best windows, but mega man 7 is the girl version of this dude

the legend of korra and asami actually explicitly dating rather than with the glasses??
bc i am trans and only got 64-bit processors in 2003
so for an m&m...

as a slime girl, fetching my posts, or the profile at all? bc the former is what i'm doin, i hooked the switch album than it all being subtext

also wow it's practically impossible to say if its bad or not,

:blobcatsurprised:​ but i need it
i still have the eight letter limit

@everyone wait, does muting @ mean you never see any new abuse potential in federating emojo? you can possibly imagine

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