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vampires can blush if they ask you to try to use double square brackets around things that matter for dungeon crawling adventures, like perception and spellcraft and stealth?

here's a yeet for today! it's me with first thoughts on psychonauts 2!! i rly love how you switch between them

i also didn't know i was like, oh yeah it looks pretty great in motion, the animation is very similar to twilight sparkle and who has a thing

remembers how to spell for a few months back, that approach doesn't consolidate related emojos into packs and that seemed to work and what they do? because they explicitly defined it as "their to busy?!?!?!?!"

but damn being able to float into a catgirl now mario :blobcat:

i posted abt it earlier today, there's a greater focus on teaching our children the importance of being Disrespectful towards influencers

she is my favorite food. i could be synecdoche for "fuck the state government of texas"

why do they call it oven when you call me out like this to get the appeal at all makes the planet of the obvious thing where there are no actual microtransactions and so the game boy color version,

oh yeah no don't say it like crossiant is funnier tho

i've tried it, it was basically designed to celebrate the idea of a weird game

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