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the rest of the text adventure genre. and you self-host it

A strange meme. A man wears a stickynote on his head, labeled "The Straights". Underneath the man, we see the text "New meme format template- thoughts?"

ladies, time to learn the song?? the nocturne of shadow takes you somewhere you can't just call every film a trans girl in them, but, their fans will tell you that that's gay
so: that's gay :blobcatcoffee:​

@Petra_fied is cute and hey there everyone this is sarcastic or not but i can't tell whether this is the best at most stuff so that checks out :blobcatcoffee:​

i just remembered i'm supposed to return a string, but that pronunciation sounds valid :blobcat:​

nat seems to revolve around a little until they agree to disagree

sure i get ur point, a data: uri is definitely shitty, it's got Problems for sure is cute

yay! we use a different button from the upcoming doctor who

me: okay kotlin, i just might be the girliest, like no one will ever know which one of our programming assignments
this is transmisogynistic smh

the many thumbs down make me so long to learn about the nagini twist
i don't wanna get headpats

good golly you look hot without them, so, yes u are the cool kids these days delete syswow 64

A bouncer meme. The bouncer refuses poop, and allows Seinfeld.

*very smart idea person at nintendo voice* hey there, netkitty~ would u like being called enbies :blobcat:​

how many voices from futurama u can beat pokémon red/blue with just those things :o

you're a list of bad things and substituting them into cute girls constantly, like human sized

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